healthy baby foods for 8 months

Baby food for 8 months

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Healthy baby foods for 8 months baby you can feed

Healthy baby foods for 8 months shares information about the baby foods you can feed from your home made recipes, and advice about baby nutrition guidance.


Best foods to feed Babies between 6 to 9 months. Most human knows that mother feeding is very important for the growth of the new born babies . Parents have to know that to learn about the best foods for nourishing their babies.

Even we know that babies do not eat much, but we need to take care of baby foods and baby nutrition. Along with the food nutrition you must take care of breast feeding up to 2 to 3 years of the baby growth.

You should give your baby the best growth start possible by introducing appropriate(suitable or proper). Before starting to feed a new food consult with your doctor for better results.

Note: Before feeding new solid food consult with your doctor to prevent your baby from allergy


In the point of digestion rice cereal is the best healthy food for the 6 month babies. Pick a cereal which contain iron-fortified is most important for the cells and tissues. You should start iron-rich foods when your baby in the stage between 6 to 9 months. caremybaby says.

Before feeding cereal, make sure the below.

  • Confirm whether he/she is ready to eat solid foods.
  • Your baby needs to be able to keep his/her head in a steady upright position.
  • Your baby must eyeing or reaching your spoon, or open his/her mouth while you offer the food.

Here are some tips to feed cereal for your baby

  • Offer some sweet or savories, If your baby reject don’t force or surprise, it’s usual because of new taste, try after some time.
  • Feed the cereal in the spoon only, don’t add cereal to his/her bottle because he/she may choke or end up gaining too much of weight
Get away your baby from choking foods like nuts, sliced apple etc

Vegetable and Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, that support baby for the optimum development and improve immunity. Here are some vegetables and Fruits, we suggest you for your baby health care and listed below.

healthy baby food for 8 months you can feed
healthy baby food for 8 months you can feed


  • Blueberry contains anthocyanins, that improve several baby organs..
  • You can feed blueberry in the form of Soup by boiling blueberry with some water and make it cool down and feed your baby.


  • Due to presence of several unsaturated baby fats, you can feed your baby with avocados
  • According to professionals study avocados nutrition is similar to breast milk


  • It contains Vitamin A that maintain your baby immunity neutral, and prevent your baby health from diseases
  • The carrot also helps to regulate the blood flow.
  • You need to feed your baby by choosing proper soft carrot.
  • Also it’s a kind of baby finger food

Sweet Potatoes

  • Sweet potatoes contains fibre, Vitamin C and antioxidant, that’s helps to improve your baby digestion.
  • Your baby can like this sweet potatoes because of this sweet taste, so it is very easy to feed your baby.


  • Bananas that contains carbohydrate that’s help in make your baby energetic throughout the day.
  • Before feed banana to your baby make sure that completely ripped and smashed.
  • You can feed banana to your baby as a finger food.
Use fresh vegetable and fruits so that you can prevent your baby from diarrhea and vomiting


Eggs are combinations of all vitamins, proteins and minerals. In the part of Vitamins Eggs contains Vitamins such as D, E, A and B12. Proteins that helps to develop the immunity and develop new cells or tissues.

Note: If your old families faced any allergy, you should stop providing eggs to your baby and must take a consult with the paediatrician.

Along with Vitamins, proteins and minerals the york of the egg contain compound called choline that helps in the development of brain and body. Development of your baby mental health egg avails a important role.

If your old families faced any allergy, you should stop providing eggs to your baby and must take a consult with the pediatrician about eating eggs. Some of the common food allergies are running nose, stomach pain, diarrhea.

Foods to Avoid

Now we are in the path of healthy foods for your baby, like of positive there is also some foods to avoid between the 6 to 12 months of your baby. You should out of your baby from common allergy foods like eggs, peanut butter, and shellfish up to your baby first birthday.

foods to avoid 6 month baby

Avoid foods that caught in your baby throat like – uncut meals, nuts, grapes, raw carrot, slice apple and popcorn.Continually don’t stop to feed mothers breast milk up-to 2 to 3 years of your baby.


The information above provides is the just sample food char based on the personal experience. You can alter your food chart depends on your baby presence. Likely if your baby likes smashed banana compered to sliced apple feed banana. The purpose of this blog is to guide you about the food type and schedules. We will catch you at our next blog that contains the information about the feeding schedules for your baby.

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