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How to test early pregnancy by home naturally?

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Pregnancy starts when a male’s sperm fertilizes a female’s ovum (egg), and the fertilized ovum impact in the lining of the uterus. It is an example of physiological synergism in which mother, foetus, and placenta collaborate to sustain and nurture new life.

A normal human pregnancy will last for 40weeks in a woman’s life and it is divided into 3 temiesters and has been named as Embroical stage, and later named as Foetus. The final trimester was womb. 

Body type in early pregnancy?

Normally your conception take place after two weeks of your missed period around that time you will ovalute(relaase of egg). You can’t notice any symptoms between first four weeks of early pregnancy. After you complete first 7- 8 weeks your womb start growing in the size of lemon, and you probably feel tired or some of the symptoms below

Pregnancy Symptoms,

The earliest symptoms of pregnancy can appear in the first few weeks after conception.

I, Tender breasts

Tender breasts is a hormonal change that make your breast tender and sensitive, more than that you can fell that your breasts might feel fuller and heavier. It’s one of the common symptoms for early pregnancy

2, Nausea with or without vomiting.

Nausea(sickness), you can feel that you are sick at any time of the day with or without vomiting, sometimes being as early as three weeks after conception.

3, Increased Urination.

Increased urination is one of the common symptoms, because your uterus hits directly on your bladder that leads to frequent urination. Also the added pressure on the bladder may also cause high level of restriction, more than that your baby is growing .

4, Fatigue.

Fatigue is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that it take lot of energy to create a baby so that you can feel more tired . You may feel the fatigue around 12 weeks upto the ovary wall formed to which the ovules are attached.

5, Food aversions.

The symptoms of the pre pregnancy with the food is food aversions, that is you can turn your nose with certain foods.

6, Missed Period.

Missing period is the most common symptoms that you are in the early pregnancy, but when you missed your period wait until 20-25 days to perform your confirmation test, so that you gen get a genuine result.

pregnancy symptoms

7, Unusual hunger.

During the early pregnancy stage your baby will start growing for that your body have to work hard and need extra 300 calories per day.

8, Mood Swing.

Once you are in early pregnancy, you can experience emotional mood swing throughout pregnancy. These mood swings are very hard to diagnose.

9, Feeling faint.

Shifting hormones in the early pregnancy, combine with heart beating faster to pump more blood throughout the body can cause blood pressure to gradually decrease.

10, Achy hips and legs.

Due to harmone change in the early pregnancy your hips and lega may also ache at different times.

11, Strange or Metalic taste.

Strange or metallic taste of the early pregnancy is an unexpected symptom in your mouth. Its due to your pro


Pre-pregnancy test to confirm Pregnancy.

pre-pregnancy tests are designed to tell if your urine or blood contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced right after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of a woman’s uterus.

How to test pre-pregnancy by home naturally?

There are lot of home pre-pregnancy test are there, some of them are below.

Stored Urine Test:

Collect your urine in a bottle or vessel like you would for a normal urine test. Then leave it untouched for about 3-4 hours. If a white film forms on the surface of the urine, chances are you may be pregnant. If there is no change in the urine and it remains clear, you are not pregnant.

Tooth Paste test

Since the first urine of the day holds the secret, collect it in a bottle. Take some white tooth paste and add the urine sample to it. Let it stand for a couple of hours. If it changes colour or begins to out, you probably are pregnant.

Bleach Test

Collect the first urine of the day and add some bleaching powder to it. If the urine starts fizzing (bubbles cracking sound) and foaming, there is a good chance you may be pregnant.

Sugar Test

This pre pregnancy test with sugar is best tried with the first urine of the day. In a bowl, add two to three spoons of sugar (the small crystals, not powder) and urinate on it. If it does not dissolve and forms clumps, then, you can confirm your pregnancy. This is another easy and free method to test pregnancy at home.

Along with these previous test we can use pregnancy tool kits from the nearby medical shop also will be useful for the test. Some of the kits like strip pregnancy test, cup test kit.

  1. Strip pregnancy test:This is the most common type of home pregnancy tests. You cal simply hold the strip or a dipstick provided in a stream of urine. On detection of hCG, one end of the strip will change colour indicating you are pregnant
  2. Cup test kit:A test device, along with a urine collection cup or a beaker is provided in this type of pregnancy test kit. You will need to collect your urine in the cup as indicated and then dip the test device in it. On presence of hCG in the urine, it will change colour indicating you are pregnant

Some of the common home pre pregnancy test brands in India

1, Prega News Pregnancy Kit

2, Velocit Pregnancy Kit

3, I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

Note : Once you confirmed your pregnancy with these test, check with you doctor or wait for 40-45 days that your baby is growing well.


For best urine samples

1, Drink only water in the morning; don’t drink any coffee or tea.

2, Wait 5 – 6 hours without peeing.

3, If you gone for early pregnancy test kit, pee in a cup or kettle don’t pee on testing stick

4, Use two sticks of different brands to confirm the early pregnancy. that will give you a better result then you can consult with your doctor.

5, Always prefer to use the morning sample of the urine as the tester because it is less diluted. The more concentrated the urine, the better the results.

6, Use plastic containers only.

7, Dispose the plastic containers or jars that you may have used immediately after the completion of the test.

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